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Michael E Whatley
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United States
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  • The Bullet Points of Life
  • Born Austin Tx.
  • First ticketed in 1964.  WN5KPI (Influenced by Radio Merit Badge BSA)
  • Learned Morse on an ARC5 WWII aircraft recvr
  • First Rig: Viking Adventurer (807) & BC-348 Recvr
  • 1965: Dropped Ham radio like a "bad habit" and chased girls.
  • Sent to Military School in 1966. (it was the girls fault)
  • Novice License Lapsed and I couldn't have passed the General anyway
  • Barely graduated from Oklahoma Military Academny. 1968
  • Joined the Army 1969
  • Off to Vietnam, 1970-71. Combat Infantry. 101st Abn Div  (Wouldn't change a thing
  • Talked to my Mom via MARS (Collins station/Phone patch) from Phu Bai Vietnam. 1 time!
  • Back to school at the University of Tx in Austin
  • Took a First  Phone FCC Ticket class one summer and sat before FCC for test. (Still have it on my office wall. Framed!)
  • Found my way into a  job in Television. Master Control KLRN-TV Austin
  • Graduated from the  University of Texas. (BS degree)
  • 1977: Moved to Wash DC and went to Work for NBC News
  • End Part I..........More when I get around to it
  • Forth COMING: Part II Return to Ham Radio   Including,  "Zero to Extra Class in 3 weeks" and "Special Event from the Hinckley trial" in Wash DCN
  • Personal Web SITE: WA4D.net